Gourmet Men – Authentic Paninis and Döners in Pune

I am sure all of us have heard about the European staple food - döners and paninis and I must say Gourmet Men are scaling all charts in this category. They also specialize in square shaped pizzas which are topped with Mozzarella and Cheddar. Ishan (the owner) was an ex-social marketing guy and lived in [...]


Finally! Its a Wall

Well!! I was sitting home unwell and was told to take total rest, but for those who know me I always have some zest. While flipping a book and staring at a wall, I got the most random-est idea to paint it all!!! I had a few colours lying around and my mind all frolic, [...]

Fire and Ice

When you play with fire you burn or if you too are fire you create a "forest fire". You may be wondering, what a random statement? But, we always say "opposites attract"? Is it? When opposites do come together, they still look for similarities. Why is it that when one is hot headed, the other [...]

Automation Tools for Instagram

Instagram - the social networking site, was created to share pictures and videos. Off late it is observed that 40-50% IG users are following at least one business account. Yearly, numerous users create business accounts for their brands. For you to be the best in the market, make sure you have some eye-catching and beautiful posts to attract your prospects. Do not [...]

Hidden Luxuries – Asia

It is time to de-stress yourself and forget about your worries then you can consider a few places in Asia. The destinations are from the luxurious to the mediocre category, depending on how adventurous you really are! Glamping at the Canopi, Bintan Have you ever visited Bintan? Well, it is time you and your family took [...]

Real life conversations #TheNewerOlderGeneration

I meet different people on a day to day basis and observe something new in each one. Some, are so engrossed in the latest technologies and inventions which makes them feel  #cool - the newer generation; while some are busy being old school who prefer to use websites on their cellphones rather than download the [...]