AIKA Delicacies – Never stop dreaming!

Well, for those who have read my previous post on Diabetes would find it easier to empathize with me. For beginners, as per Google - there are 382 million diabetics in the world (and still counting) as of date, which can be equivalent to the population of a new planet. Also, there are about 1 [...]


Fire and Ice

When you play with fire you burn or if you too are fire you create a "forest fire". You may be wondering, what a random statement? But, we always say "opposites attract"? Is it? When opposites do come together, they still look for similarities. Why is it that when one is hot headed, the other [...]

Real life conversations #TheNewerOlderGeneration

I meet different people on a day to day basis and observe something new in each one. Some, are so engrossed in the latest technologies and inventions which makes them feel  #cool - the newer generation; while some are busy being old school who prefer to use websites on their cellphones rather than download the [...]

Who decides Right or Wrong?

Isn't it true that one should do things that makes or keeps them happy! So how is someone's right, someone else's wrong? We all undergo phases where we get stuck. We live in the fear that someone would judge us on the basis of what we do! But, who are they? - friends, strangers, family, or above all "SOCIETY"! Who decides it [...]

Human Molds – A truth or a hoax?

When someone thinks of a person, irrespective of any kind of relation, why does the human mind always adapt itself? I remember watching the movie Forrest Gump, where Tom Hanks states - Life is a box of chocolates! You feel sometimes the people you are with are the best you have, but as time passes [...]