Mamagoto – Fun Eating!!

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While I was strolling at the Pavillion, Pune; I must say I could not resist myself from trying ‘Mamagoto’. They serve pan-Asian food with a twist which ain’t the traditional Asian food, but have tweaked street food.

Ambiance and Interiors

The ambiance and decor is splendid, and for me being colorful; I just could not take my eye off! The entrance has an antique touch to it whereas the ceilings are inspired by oriental street art, while the walls are covered in “Manga Art“. The wall near the bar, is full of the Japanese “Maneki Neko” – good luck charm.

When we took a seat; we were welcomed with rice crackers served with chili vinegar which called the Indian thecha – sure is gunfire with chili infused in wine; making the sauce sweet. This medley of hot and sweet made it a perfect duet.

Rice Crackers with Indian Thecha and Chilli in wine sauce


  • Wasabi Mary – It’s the Virgin Bloody Mary! A tomato based mocktail with Tabasco sauce and Wasabi.
  • Cranberry and Kaffir Lime Punch – An absolute tangy drink that rejuvenates your taste buds.


  • Prawn wrapped in Bacon – King prawns infused with sesame and Japanese spices, wrapped in Bacon. It had a smoky flavor and a sweet tinge from the honey. For all bacon and prawn lovers, I highly recommend this appetizer.
  • Prawn an Celery Dumplings – OMG! My favorite over here. The dumpling was wrapped with a translucent rice sheet; filled with cream cheese, celery, and truffle sauce. The moment I took a bite – I just orgasm-ed! Initially, there is an overpowering taste of mustard sauce and then followed by the rest. An absolute piece of art. My favorite.
  • Vegetable Basil Cups – A combination of basil, bird’s eye chili, crushed pepper, soy, corn, and mushroom; along with chilled iceberg lettuce. Fill the veggies in the lettuce and make a roll – that’s how it is done!
  • Maki Platter – I was not at all fond of sushi. But, yes the sushi is absolutely magnificent here and another personal favorite. This is an assorted platter with prawn, crab, and chicken sushi served with Wasabi.

Main Course

  • The Laksa Tribute – This is a green Thai curry served with noodles. Another personal favorite. Previously, I was very fond of Spring Onion’s Thai curry, but I guess Mamagoto ranks No. 1 in this department.


  • Fiery Thai Shrimp Fried Rice with Asian Green Chili Chicken Ribbons – The rice is OD-ed with pieces of shrimp and is accompanied with strips (ribbons) of fried chicken and topped with a fried egg with some salad on the side.


  • Fish (Basa) in Chili bean sauce –  This is a good choice with fried rice. This dish is more on the salty side, where the fish is boneless and cooked to perfection.


  • Chicken Fried Rice – I do not have much to say! Though it is a common dish; Mamagoto does give it an identity!


  • The pork belly – For the pork lovers out there, you know where to head to! A plate worth reminiscing! Plated with 3 sticks of pork belly cubes served with rice garnished with a fried egg and some sauteed veggies. Absolute drools!!


Sweet Tooth

  • Banofee Pie – This is an egg-less dessert-absolutely divine!


  • Homemade “American Style” chunky Caramel Sponge Cake – The name says it all! A sponge cake served with Vanilla ice-cream; alongside caramel.


I recommend this place to all Asian food-lovers. You would not be disappointed. My overall rating for this place is 4.5/5.


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