Laa Unico – Be unique to stand out!

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It is rare to find an open rooftop restaurant that does not serve alcohol and non vegetarian food. Honestly, I have seen none in Pune. The food and mocktails here are definitely unique – as the name suggests. They are a complete treat to the eyes as well as the palate.

When I asked Pankit (the owner) about their signature food and mocktails; he replied, “We have no signature dish as all the food is “UNIQUE“. And yes, we do serve champagne – a fruit champagne; the Laa Unico way“. 🙂

They have a wide menu that covers paav bhaaji, fondues, pizzas, pastas, and much more. They have a special Jain menu too. They also make your birthday, anniversary, any special moment a memory of a lifetime.

I recommended this place to a friend to celebrate her birthday and she was absolutely delighted. I am glad I could make it a memorable one! And thanks Laa Unico! 🙂



The moment you enter this place till the time you exit; feels like you are in la-la land. The chandeliers to the wooden canopies; the stained glass doors to the wooden chairs – makes you feel rustic.


When we entered Mr. Aditya (the captain) served us “Laa Unico’s special shots” and we were asked to guess the flavor. I must say, after a series of incorrect guesses and a lot of brain-wracking – Isha could guess the flavor. I shall not ruin the surprise, but shall give a hint – It tastes exactly how it smells when you go to the movies! 🙂


First Kiss – It has a sweet+tangy taste; tangy – is the dominating taste since it is an amalgamation of fresh strawberry, kiwi, and orange juice. It is served in test tubes in a small fish bowl surrounded with liquid nitrogen. You need to kiss the test tube to drink and enjoy it.


Sweet Hert – It is a medley of pineapple, apple, and orange juice served in a half cut watermelon along with fresh fruits.


Chemical Locha – This bubbly mocktail is a combination of cranberry, strawberry, and litchi juice served in a beaker.


Liquid Mud Plant – A chocolate drink topped with crumbled oreo and garnished with mint leaves served in a plastic pot. It is a perfect drink for those fond of chocolate and oreo.


Raspberry Ripple – This is OD-ed with Raspberry – raspberry juice, raspberry sorbet, and raspberry dolly; all put in a tall glass and brought to you.


Bon Apetit

Gastronomy Paninpuri – Golgappe served the modernized way. The puris are filled with sprouts; squeeze the tamarind and date chutney in the puris along with the water and enjoy each puri.


Maze Cornetto – The corny cone is filled with cheesy cream and corn; has a pungent bell pepper after taste to it. But, the mixture of corn + cream cheese + bell peppers = bliss!


Khaman Oxide – It is crushed khaman dokhla bhel with liquid nitrogen poured on it.


Malai Brocolli – Brocolli marinated in cream, cheese, and yogurt with mild indian spices and put in the tandoor; served hot on the table.

Valentine Pizza – A heart shaped thin crust pizza topped with tandoori cottage cheese, onion, and corn – for every valentine. For valentine’s day if you want to surprise your beloved you know where to head to!


Masala Mafia Pasta – It somehow reminded me of maggi. My version of it – Maggi Spaghetti Pasta sprinkled with parsley, chilli flakes, and crushed garlic.


Paav Bhaaji Fondue – This was my favorite. The cheese is customized locally – all the bacteria and alcohol is eradicated; since they serve pure vegetarian food and no alcohol. Dip each toasted bread cube in the paav bhaaji fondue and nom-nom.


Stone Grill Rice – Steamed rice sauteed in a few exotic sauces and black pepper sauce.

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Landscape – Warm crumbled dark chocolate brownie topped with fresh vanilla ice-cream shall surely make your evening divine. Absolute chocilla!!


Aam Drama – An illusion to the eye! An overdose of mangoes along with watermelon cubes at the bottom of the glass.


Mud Cake – OMG! This is an absolute show stopper. I recommend this as a dessert to everyone who visit. The mud cake reminded me of my childhood days; we all have eaten Nutties. It is a voyage of caramel, chocolate, fresh fruits, chocolate cubes, and vanilla ice-cream. As wild as it looks; will make your taste buds tremble!


I have been there once and I shall revisit very soon. I rate this place a 5/5 in all aspects:

  • Ambiance – 5/5
  • Food – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5

We are a team of 6 and can checkout our Zomato pages – Karishma Poonekar, Isha Varma, Ishant Datta, Meenal Upganlawar, Gauri Upganlawar, and Amogh Bhandarkar.


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