No Strings Attached – NSA, Pune

When I first heard the name; reminded me of Ashton Kutcher and Elizabeth Meriwether. Rakesh, Nikit, and Abhijeet are the owners of NSA. Abhijeet is a textile businessman, Rakesh is in the hospitality industry, whereas Nikit is a mechanical engineer. This place is an outcome of unique minds infused together.

Restaurant Theme

Each wall has its own individuality; one wall has a live music theme, whilst the other has some abstract pictures, and the remaining have a few soap opera posters. The hanging bulbs from the ceiling focus on making the theme prominent. The cutlery and serving dishes are mutually exclusive, thereby emphasizing on the theme “No Strings Attached“.

Drinks and Food

The cocktails are refreshing and intriguing; directly recommended by the bartender. All the food is prepared fresh – off the rack by their executive chef who has worked for 25 years with Maurya Sheraton, Delhi and in the bukhara kitchen. They do not use any ready made pastes or masalas, but create their own marinades and masalas from scratch.




  • 007 Vesper – This is their signature cocktail which is inspired from the movie “Casino Royale” and constitutes of gin and white wine.
  • Electric Lemonade – Is similar to the LIIT, but has a sprite base.


Non-veg Starters

All veg and non veg starters are marinaded 15 minutes prior to being put into the tandoor. So, rest be assured for their freshness and succulency.

  • Shaitani Wings – These wings are infused with a dash of the “world’s most spicy chilli – Bhut Jolokia“. This ingredient comes all the way from the north-eastern part of India – Assam. I must say when I heard that, I was contemplating my order, but I was not disappointed. The spice, tang, and sweetness was a perfect amalgamation of flavors. I recommend this dish to people who can handle a little heat and spice. There is an after taste on your palate and your lips may be on fire.


  • Irani Chicken Tikka – I personally found this dish very similar to “Reshmi kebabs”, but there is slight difference. These tikkas are infused with Lebanese flavors and contain no garlic.


  • Oh Theri Peri Chicken – The tikkas are wrapped in peri peri masala. The meat is absolutely cooked to perfection and is tender. To jazz it up, they gave it a Punjabi tadka by calling it the “Oh Theri Peri Chicken!”.


Recommended Starters

We did not try these starters, but are highly recommended by Rishik, the manager.

  • Dahi ke Kebab – He quotes, “They are tikkis made of hung curd, cottage cheese, and mashed potatoes which absolutely melt with each bite”. 6 tikkis are shallow fried and served with mint chutney.
  • Paneer Tikka Khas – They are nothing like the regular paneer tikkas you get, but are cottage cheese rolls filled with smashed cottage cheese and then grilled in the tandoor. These tikkas are served with mint chutney and salad.
  • Andhra Chilli Chicken – 8 pieces of chicken with bone served in the Andhra style with fresh green chilies.

Non-veg Main Course

  • Butter Chicken – This again is not the regular butter chicken that you get in Pune which is sweet and boneless. NSA serve the original and authentic dish with bones and is not sweet. So, be ready to make those hands dirty!


  • Fish Steak – Grilled Bombay Bhetki or Seer fish with a cheesy sauce is served along with a portion of rice, mash potatoes and some veggies. They do not serve Basa in any dish, which is very popular in most restaurants in Pune. This makes this dish unique.


  • Murgh Koya Ahudi – If you want to try out a non-veg Lucknowi dish, I would recommend this with a butter roti or rice.


Veg Main Course

Shahjaan Veg and  Subz Milavni – They constitute of thick Lucknowi gravy which is not sweet. It tastes best with a Daal Tadka or Daal Makhani to give you an explosion of Mughlai flavors.

Shahjaan Veg


For all the health conscious folks – Keto people, diabetic people, weight watchers, etc. NSA does cater to all your needs. They have no special menu, but they customize their food as per your requirements. The dishes that have nuts and if you are allergic to any; need not worry, they ask you before hand and then prepare your meal. Voila!!

On Request

They serve pork as well; only on request. If you are in the mood to eat some “Pork on the Rib” or “Pork Vindaloo”, your just a phone call away. You can contact them on 9860651104 or through Zomato a few hours prior to your visit and your wish will be their command.

Hope y’all visit No Strings Attached soon. It is worth a visit, especially for all the folks around Aundh and Baner.

We are a team of 6 and can checkout our Zomato pages – Karishma Poonekar, Isha Varma, Ishant Datta, Meenal Upganlawar, Gauri Upganlawar, and Amogh Bhandarkar.


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