Gourmet Men – Authentic Paninis and Döners in Pune

I am sure all of us have heard about the European staple food – döners and paninis and I must say Gourmet Men are scaling all charts in this category. They also specialize in square shaped pizzas which are topped with Mozzarella and Cheddar. Ishan (the owner) was an ex-social marketing guy and lived in Switzerland (die Schweiz) for 4 years; 6 months ago he decided to bring this whole new concept to Pune. They have covered many events like Farmers Market where they won the best taste award, Za Palooza, Supersonic, and many more and also cover colleges like Symbiosis.

Gourmet Men have their kitchen in Chandan Nagar near Inorbit Mall and are on from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am. So, they only do late night deliveries and have no sit-out options. For all those hungry souls out at late, ya’ll now know where to order from. They deliver to Amanora, Magarpatta, and Koregaon park petrol pump areas so that the sandwiches and pizzas reach you as is. They also make a few exceptions and deliver Wagholi and Camp areas if and only if,  you own a pan or grill to reheat them; if not they do not deliver since Ishan doesn’t want to compromise on the crispiness. They surely make sure not compromise on their food.

Their famous butter chicken doner
Grillin’ those Paninis

All their cheeses and sauces are imported; they not only provide you with quantity but also with quality. Their Mozzarella cheese comes all the way from Denmark; which gives a softer and refurbished texture along with a rich and milkier taste over the local brands. Their streaky bacon comes from Sri Lanka whereas the Frankfurters come from Deutschland (Germany). All the breads are made locally by their in-house chef. Ishaan strongly believes in supporting the locals; his staff are all local Punekars.

Piri Piri Paneer Panini

Gourmet Men’s USP is to serve the sandwiches crisp and messy with a twist of spice, sweetness, and sourness. As Ishan quotes, “The sandwiches are a Tamimi (a diwali or a time bomb) in your mouth“. They make sure that with each bite you will experience an amalgamation of multiple flavors and sauces. The most used sauces are Sriracha, Mayo, BBQ, Mint Mayo (which Ishaan refers to as Mumma’s chutney) along with sun-dried tomatoes and Mozzarella to give a tangy and rich taste. All their döners and paninis are served with potato wedges. They also deliver square shaped pizzas which are available with three bases – normal, crisp, and extra crisp.

The paninis are filled within a brown bread with red cabbage, onions caramelized with 7-8 spices without any sugar, piri piri cottage cheese, eggless mayo, etc. The döners are made in a pocket of three breads – pita bread, white-bread, and brown bread. The chicken used is all in-house pulled BBQ chicken which is absolute succulent and melts on your palate.

Sriracha Smoked Chicken ham and cheese panini

What are y’all waiting for? Go and place an order from Zomato.

Gourmet Men are soon gonna launch salads which would be delivered after 11 pm. So, for all those weight watchers out there y’all have nothing to worry about. All these salads would be rich and filled with walnuts, dates, oranges, and all veggies along with consistent dressings and sauces.

I hope y’all order soon from here, since I can’t wait to go and tryout their sandwiches again. To follow my food reviews, click here.


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