Finally! Its a Wall

Well!! I was sitting home unwell and was told to take total rest, but for those who know me I always have some zest.

While flipping a book and staring at a wall, I got the most random-est idea to paint it all!!!

I had a few colours lying around and my mind all frolic, I picked up my pencil and started in a panic.

I believe in detailing and adding colour to each part, let it be any piece of art. I used cold and warm colours to do the wings, and pastel colours to do the remaining filling.

This piece of work took 30 hours to complete, and I hope ya’ll enjoy it!- Let’s Colour!


I started off with the outlining and then started painting! And used a “00” and “2” size paintbrush to bring the zing.


Have a closer look at it! Notice the head, wings, tail – all lit.


Finally!! After a day and half gone, the bird is now done!


But, a bird alone felt incomplete! So decided to add a few flowers to it.


Let your imagination take over, and then just colour!

Hope this inspired everyone to grab some colours and paint their walls! This is very therapeutic and a time buster.

Stay hungry, don’t let your dreams die! As a bird with injured wings, cannot fly! 


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