Fire and Ice

When you play with fire you burn or if you too are fire you create a “forest fire”. You may be wondering, what a random statement? But, we always say “opposites attract”? Is it?

When opposites do come together, they still look for similarities. Why is it that when one is hot headed, the other should be calm? We humans want (not need) everything in life; why can’t we draw a line or let go of few things and make it work? Why is holding on so important? Phases – the moment you meet a new person to testing the waters to coming up with a final conclusion.

In 2015, I met someone at a brunch and we had different “first” impressions (#judging) of one another. This “someone” was a mutual friend of a friend – Mario (with whom I had a friendship for 7 years); and yes of course we both were on our high horses (let us not forget the #maleego and me being an #alpha). And as always the people who I have started off with on the wrong foot have turned into the best part of my life!! Yes we finally broke the ice over a couple of drinks (as they say; alcohol makes one loosen up) and realized we weren’t very different from each other. Now, not different in terms of how similar we are with respect to emotionally, mentally, etc. Mario, me, and Rehaan were the best of friends and did practically everything together. We are Virgos, but  belonged to different religions – Catholic, Muslim, and Hybrid (Brahmin Maharashtrian + Zoroastrian Irani). We were hot headed, decent dancers, drinking partners,and always lived life off the edge. But, as time passed, (not what you think – We did not nor are we dating or in any relationship!! :):)) me and Rehaan got closer and clicked which led to a drift between Mario and me. Interesting fact is 7 years were going down the drain, and a new “friendship” was born. So, question is was this because of the similarities or the dissimilarities between us? And why was a long lasted friendship drifting??

Was it because it was monotonous? Or that we took each other for granted? Or were we just bored? Or is it ‘cos we were unable to find peace within? This usually happens between any two people who have known each other since donkey’s years. So, what is the solution? We often go find someone or something new; as it is rightly said – Variety is the spice of life. But, how many combinations and permutations are needed in one’s lifetime? In between, Rehaan and me drifted apart, since he had to leave to another country for 3 months, and lost contact; but were still connected at another level. When I was at my worst he made sure to be there and be my pillar. Mario is out of the story and yes we do miss him and we reminiscent, but this “moving on” may be termed as “growing up“.

It has been 3 years and somewhere, Rehaan and me found peace with each other and are best of friends. Today, we still test the waters with the world, but at the end of the day we are still here – rock solid for each other!

From where I look at it, we both are wildfire but surprisingly; we both have not created a forest fire yet. So, do opposites really attract?


6 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. I do agree with you Kapo. We need to accept the person the way he or she is. Why expect change? If you really like some one and all of a sudden you change your behaviour, your identity for which the society knows you, then what’s the use.


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