Automation Tools for Instagram

Instagram – the social networking site, was created to share pictures and videos. Off late it is observed that 40-50% IG users are following at least one business account. Yearly, numerous users create business accounts for their brands. For you to be the best in the market, make sure you have some eye-catching and beautiful posts to attract your prospects. Do not worry, over the years IG has advanced which help you create your own content. IG brings to you automation tools commonly known as BOTs.

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What are BOTs?

Bots are basically, virtual assistants which appear in most of the messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are a few bots that are currently used extensively. Let’s see what do these bots offer?

  • Alexa – Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that is available on millions of devices manufactured by Amazon and third-party organizations. Are you bored? or have no one talk to? Use Alexa!! This bot helps you customise a voice that offers you an intuitive way of interaction with technology daily.
  • Siri – Apple introduced Siri to us. Hey, how you doing? Talking to Siri can make your life a lot easier by doing your work. Siri can be by your side 24×7 – on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple watch. Siri can be hot and sizzling or dark and handsome!! You can do so by customizing it’s voice. Siri uses voice queries to answer all your random questions by querying you commands to a set of Internet Services.
  • Cortana – It is a virtual assistant provided by Microsoft to answer your questions and do your basic tasks. As each day passes Cortana educates itself to be of some more use for the next day. You can set reminders, schedule tasks by just listening to your voice without any keyboard input.

Why use them?

BOTs help you schedule flights, book hotel rooms, order food, set up meetings, and much more. A bot helps you save a lot financially since it reduces the need of human interaction. BOTs are beneficial for businessmen and entrepreneurs since you can easily convert an app or site into a “BOT”. Developing a bot costs way less than developing an application that can run on iOS and Android.

Automation tools that you can use for IG


SocialDrift is topping all charts in terms of Instagram automation tools. They help a chunk of entrepreneurs build their Instagram followers, with the help of social media marketing strategies. All you need to do is take some time off, and SocialDrift shall be at your service.

SocialDrift makes sure you receive weekly and monthly reports. SocialDrift utilizes smart filters and Artificial Intelligence, that search followers with the help of usernames, hashtags, gender and many other references. SocialDrift adheres to Instagram’s ToS (Terms of Service) which ensures your account is safe.


Another must have BOT, helps increase genuine traffic for your brand. This automation tool is easy to use, since there are no complicated deployments or installation instructions. You just need to register on their site and you will be assigned a manager which makes use of Artificial Intelligence for user optimization. ViralUpgrade will make sure you get a good night’s sleep and the rest is taken care of!

ViralUpgrade provides you with techniques that assist you to search and connect to specific demographics. You could be looking for musicians, models, beauty products, make-up artists, or writers; ViralUpgrade assists you find your groups of audiences and make them your followers.


Your team can work hand-in-hand with Kickstagram to start a campaign that reduces the gap between your target audience and you. Kickstagram helps you research, identify, and generate leads that are out of your reach. This automation tool aids in attracting genuine, potential, and long-term followers that can be beneficial for your business.

Kickstagram does research on your demographic along with a substantial understanding for your brand or business before it develops a growth strategy for your IG account. They maintain a posh integrity level and authenticity of your brand to reach out on a large scale.


SocialUpgrade creates a questionnaire from your answers to assist you with growth strategies that help maximize marketing techniques that would upgrade your brand. SocialUpgrade does not have any complicating settings and provide you with an under-one-roof interface which assists you to do everything to make your brand a success.

An account manager is assigned to you who would provide you with relevant social media techniques that helps you set your settings with just a few clicks. And you are ready. Viola!


Buffer helps you save time while you manage your Instagram accounts. The drawback of Buffer is that, you need a smartphone with the Instagram installed. Buffer assists you in scheduling posts and when the timer is exhausted, Buffer sends a notification that is pushed to your smartphone where your image preview appears with your caption. All that is left now is for you to open IG on your smartphone, copy and paste the caption, and your post is published.

Socially Rich

Instagram on an average has a traffic flow of millions daily; it can be a tedious job to locate your consumers. Socially Rich helps you with a user’s list that can be your potential customers. Small scale businessmen, entrepreneurs, and small brands make use of Socially Rich to contact their consumers.

This automation service is nothing like the current service IG provides, since they have no confusing user interface. All you need are interesting hashtags and user names that are beneficial to you. Then you have no worries and the rest Socially Rich shall take care off! This helps you save so much time that you no longer need to visit your IG page. All you need to do is post your pictures or videos.


2 thoughts on “Automation Tools for Instagram

  1. Awesome content! I just wanted to mention you really should be listing on there a new service that quite a few people (myself included) have been getting great results with! The name of it is AlphaReady. Might be worth mentioning it somewhere.


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